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11.5" Folding AR Pistol Build

Aug. 15, 2017, 10:43 p.m.


Awesome build from reddit user /u/AdventureNorthEast "Goals for this build were... 1.)This was my just in case Hillary build. There was a chance it was build now or build never. 2.) I’m in a nanny state with no NFA items permitted, so a pistol build is as close as I can get to an SBR. 3.) Better than my competition gun or SPR for home defense. 4.) Fun at the range gun. 5.) I had an extra stripped upper and had to start another build. I’ve been keeping tabs on the changes to this build overtime, so I thought I’d make a new post out of it too. I had initially borrowed the Lantac Dragon from my SPR for this pistol build. It was a bit loud (more so than on the 18.5” SPR), so I tried out the Noveske KX5. The KX5 was significantly less concussive, but of course gave no benefit to recoil. I returned the Lantac to the SPR, and picked up a SureFire SFMB-556 brake. I can use the exposed brake at the range, and put on the Warden during classes, especially when indoors. For someone like me, the Warden is a gimmicky purchase for sure, but I’m glad to have a pretty nice brake under there for when I want it."